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Our services

The Virtual Tour:

Een virtuele tour is een uitstekende (digitale) kennismaking voor mogelijke nieuwe klanten en kan van grote toegevoegde waarde zijn voor uw bedrijf, service of product.

Dit kan uiteenlopen van een sportschool welke hiermee nieuwe leden wilt aantrekken, een kapperszaak die graag zijn keurige winkel wilt laten zien, een showroom met prachtige producten, een makelaar die zijn woningen op een unieke manier wilt presenteren, tot een kinderdagopvang die hiermee zo ouders een kijkje binnen kan laten nemen.

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How does it work?

Free introduction

We would like to inform you about the possibilities, meeting at (your) location is of course possible.

Going through wishes and drawing up a quotation

How big should the tour be, what information do you want and what not, everything is possible.

The 360 ​​degree photos are taken

Together we coordinate the right time for this, this is possible 7 days a week, also in the evening.

Photo editing and tour creation

The photos are edited and the tour is made, this takes about three working days.

Delivery of the Virtual Tour

Congratulations, your tour is ready! Of course, any feedback can still be processed.

Improve your “Google My Business” page

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a free service designed to promote (local) businesses online. It’s a tool that helps business owners manage how they appear online on Google and make their business stand out.

Why is Google My Business important to you?

Since Google is still the most used search engine, it means that a large audience can view your profile. The more visible you are – or the more often your business appears in search results – the more likely people are to click through to your website or contact you.

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Ad Campaigns through Facebook & Instagram

Facebook AD campaigns help you increase brand awareness, drive lead generation, increase visibility, increase conversion rates and grow your business.

More leads and sales

It’s easier to generate more leads and sales when you use Facebook ads. Everything is designed to achieve the best possible ROI.

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More visitors

A major advantage of Facebook is that companies and customers can find and get in touch with each other in an accessible way.

It all comes down to how effective your Facebook marketing strategy is and how well you use all of Facebook’s marketing tools, such as their PPC ads.

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